a picture of me ukchill.wordpress.com is my personal blog.I am a professional software developer, and run a home studio as well as playing in a couple of bands.

Once upon a time I had ambition to be a rock star, famous artist or something like that. Instead, I am content just to have a simple life and lots of toys.

If I get any readers at all, I’ll be pretty amazed – so if you like anything you see here, do me a favour and comment or link. I might even get round to setting up some downloads to some of the stuff I do.

I set this blog up because my Web site (ukchill.com) is pretty much always “under construction”. I’ve rewritten the system that drives it more often than I’ve posted content, and it’s lived on three different servers running different operating systems. I think it’s safe to say that ukchill is just a place for me to tinker, rather than a stable place on the Web.


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