Back to work.

July 5, 2006


Bleah. Went back to work today, and am completely knackered now. It’s never worth being ill – you just have more work piling up when you go back.

Whilst trawling my archives I found all the gig recordings I made when I was engineering at The Gander (a local rock venue, which alas is no more). It’s really funny, most of these recordings have more energy than I remember – despite the mistakes and slightly off levels (it is *really* tricky to get a good bass sound off a desk submix when you are less than 20 foot away from the front of house), these gigs deserve a listen so I’m currently converting them and splitting them into maneagable chunks.

I’ll post these in bits I think – I’m finding it tricky to think of anything to write. I obviously haven’t been exercising the creative writing centre of my brain recently.


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