Trawling the past

July 3, 2006

Me in Galahad at ProgSfestAs the TV was so utterly shite today, I’ve spent a couple of hours wandering through my old music. It’s unbelievable how many tracks I’ve got – although to be completely honest I never really considered any of them “finished”.

Anyway, rather than letting these songs and ideas rot, I’ve decided to post them here over the next few weeks. Hopefully someone will like them, if you do, then please link back here as I’ve no idea how else I’ll get people to listen!


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No Responses Yet to “Trawling the past”

  1. dean Says:

    I like the psychic one. what bands r u in?

  2. ukchill Says:

    Thanks for listening.

    I have been in several bands, including Manitou, The Strange, The Shapes as well as prog rockers Galahad. Currently I’m not in any bands, I’m just writing and recording with a couple of mates.

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