why blog?

June 30, 2006

I started by putting my site up many years ago. I’ve never had much traffic, not even when the band I was in was doing pretty well.

Did I care? No, not really. My server on the Web was for me, a place to dump files so I could get them remotely. A place for me to try new code and designs out and a central point for my family and friends to get photos or music I had made.

Someone linked to my homepage once, and I’ve seen my site crawled by various spiders and bots but that’s about it for my online life until now.

Anyway, I signed up for a blog because I wanted to see what blogging services were like. How do the rest of the world do it? People who don’t really want to mess around with running a server, or writing code. So here we are; my WordPress blog.

I’ve read quite a few blogs, but never really got into the whole “blogging” culture. I’ve never really seen the point and have tended to think that most personal sites (to be fair, including my own) suck. What’s the point if you don’t have anything to say? I started thinking about why people blog, and how most blogs are pretty dull.

That led me to thinking of a more interesting question. Why do people read blogs? In looking at a few of these “online conversations” (which incidentally I have read and have been told that joining in on them is the best way of getting your voice out there into the blogsphere), I am constantly amazed that anyone bothers at all.



June 30, 2006

ScoobyOnce, we had two dogs – Jasper and Scrappy.

They reached an incredible age and when they died, they left a huge hole in our lives. Such a big hole can only be filled by something equally huge, so we looked around and found Scooby.

a picture

June 30, 2006

a picture of meIs this worth a thousand words?

I hope so, as I’ve never been particularly good at writing a lot.

Interestingly, this picture seems to float over two entries. Not the result I would have expected.Oh well – it seems I shall have to add some more text. hmm what shall I say?

Urgh. I hate being put on the spot like that. Is it lunchtime yet?

hello world!

June 30, 2006

I suppose it’s traditional to actually write something once you get a blog up and running.


There. I suppose I should say, “FIRST POST!”.